Reasons to work with us

Whilst our focus is on Asset Finance and Leasing, our range of expertise can cover business strategy and transformation, operational effectiveness, organisational development and the consideration and deployment of new technologies. However, our aim is to deliver practical solutions that drive our clients forward in terms of their organisational effectiveness, strategic goals and ultimately their business results.

Our key differentiation is to happily operate at the interface of the Information Technology provider (be that an internal department or external vendor) and the User Department benefiting from the Information Technology initiative. We know that an implementation project is never just one project – it is far more complex than that – and so supporting a client to break down work into understandable pieces – yet keeping a sense of purpose for each of those pieces and the overall target – is our critical success proposal

As specialists in the Finance and Leasing business – we know all about debt and interest. With our extensive project experience – we also understand the concept of project-created technical debt and how that can equally burden an organisation as financial debt.

We can offer subject matter consultancy, training or just a sympathetic ear – whichever it is that you need – you can contact us –